Leg Vein Treatments

Thread veins are enlarged bluish blood vessels on the skins surface. They are very common, varying in size and usually affect the inner knee and outer thigh, however can arise anywhere. Thread veins are inherited however can occur after surgery, pregnancy or trauma.

Sclerotherapy of thread veins has been proven to be the most successful treatment. A dilute irritant is injected directly in to the thread veins using a very fine needle. This solution damages the lining of the vessels causing them to close off.

The body then treats this as damaged tissue which is then slowly absorbed over about 3 months.

Sclerotherapy is usually 80%-90% successful depending on the size of the veins.

Thread veins are expected to look worse to begin with and may appear black and will begin to fade at around 3 weeks. However the main benefit is expected at around 3 months.

Therefore it is important to plan treatment sometime before any holidays or social occasions. The treatment will last for several years but will not stop new thread veins from forming.



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